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There are 1.3 billion people without power. The International Energy Agency estimates that 40% are potential customers for micro-utilities. That is a huge market opportunity with tremendous poverty reduction potential.

We want to capitalize on that.

Sigora International is a triple-bottom-line company at the forefront of new energy business models that incorporate cutting edge technology, smart metering, prepaid electricity, and renewable generation.

Our mission is to power and empower the world with clean, reliable, and fairly priced energy using a commercially viable microutility model that can be brought to scale faster, cheaper, and more effectively than existing electrification solutions.

Our aim is to provide underserved populations with a first-rate electric utility service that is tailored to their needs, can accommodate a dynamic energy landscape, and provides a return on investment.

Key group of emerging nations builds 18% more renewable capacity than wealthier countries and four in five have now set national clean energy targets.

- Climatescope, Dec 2016 -


There is a gap in the energy ecosystem, and a confluence of factors – international support for aggressive de-carbonization initiatives alongside record-breaking investment in new energy technologies in frontier markets - make this an unprecedented moment of opportunity to leapfrog outdated energy systems and launch smart, clean, affordable and scalable solutions that meet the needs of emerging energy markets while providing triple-bottom line returns.

Business-as-usual approaches have focused on meeting the needs of high-density urban populations who are easiest and most profitable to serve. These types of grid extensions are slow to deploy, expensive, provide minimal long-term employment, and remain mostly dependent on fossil fuels.

At the other end of the spectrum, business models for small-scale distributed solar and micro-grid solutions have experienced rapid growth in recent years. But these models, while suitable for low-density rural populations, are limited in terms of their scalability and ability to adapt to growing demand as customers increase their energy intake – to support refrigeration for example.


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 Sigora International is a technology venture founded in 2015 that applies smart-grid technology in energy emerging markets to create a long-term, sustainable solution to the problem of energy access.

What started with a dream of electrifying a clinic on the island nation of Haiti has grown into a template for a scalable private-sector solution to help power the roughly 1.3 billion people in the world still living without access to modern electricity.

Our proprietary technology platform, smart meter, and business model enables the commercially viable deployment of clean energy microgrids in frontier markets.

How can Sigora support your project? Whether you're a microgrid operator or a central grid utility, we want to talk with you. Send us a message and we'll be in touch soon.


Andy Bogdan Bindea

Andy Bogdan Bindea

Founder & CEO
Felix Nkulukusa

Felix Nkulukusa

CEO , Sigora Zambia
Sam Hartwell

Sam Hartwell

Frank Bergh

Frank Bergh

VP Grid Engineering
Drew Lebowitz

Drew Lebowitz

VP of Operations
Lian De Castro

Lian De Castro

Senior Director Project Finance & BizDev
Tyler Welsh

Tyler Welsh

Haiti Operations Deputy Director
Jean Pierre

Jean Pierre

Haiti Field Operations Director
Natasha Skreslet

Natasha Skreslet

Director - Impact & Communications


Learn more about the team behind Sigora
Andy Bogdan Bindea, CEO

A consummate entrepreneur, Andy has dedicated his career to environmental and social causes. He spent 5 years as a Greenpeace Campaign Coordinator in Central and Eastern Europe where he ran clean water, ethical mining, and renewable energy campaigns. He left the Non-profit sector to pioneer an environmentally conscious start-up plastic recycling company in Romania. In 2011 he founded Sigora Solar in Virginia, Andy led the company to become #8 fastest growing energy company in the United States, an Inc.500 company recognized as the “cleanest” in its field. He founded and financed Sigora Haiti and developed the country’s first private utility company providing clean, reliable and fairly-priced electricity. Recognizing the replicability and scalability of the Haiti micro-utility business, he created Sigora International, an energy technology development and micro-utility company set to take electrification to the 1.2BN people without energy access.

Felix Nkulukusa, Sigora Zambia CEO

Prior to joining Sigora Zambia as Chief Executive Officer, Felix spent 15 years working in the Zambian Ministry of Finance. He joined the Ministry in July 1999 as a Budget Analyst and rose through the ranks to become Permanent Secretary from July 2012 to March 2015.
During his tenure, he led Article IV consultation discussions with the IMF, and acted on a number of Finance Committees including for the Zambezi River Authority Board, the ZESCO Limited Board, the Zambia Airport Corporation Board and the Zambia Forestry and Forest Industries Corporation Board.

Sam Hartwell, CFO

A long-time member of the social impact community, Sam has more than 25 years of financial and operations experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors – where he has managed turnarounds, reengineered business units, and built integrated corporate functions for two international nonprofits. He was selected as a San Francisco Bay Area CFO of the Year finalist for his work in Africa, where he lived with his family and was responsible for KickStart International’s finance, IT and impact monitoring. Most recently, Sam launched a financial services company called SoProCFO, providing CFO, Controller, and accounting services to high-growth, high-impact social enterprises. Sam holds an MBA from Yale University in Finance and Operations and an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College.

Drew Lebowitz, VP Operations

Drew Lebowitz is an engineer with over 10 years of experience working in Latin America and the Caribbean. Fluent in English, Creole, and Spanish, he is an expert at bridging the gap between professional engineering and local customs. Drew holds a degree Civil Engineering from Cornell University,and lived in Panama for several years before coming to Haiti. He originally came to Port-au-Prince as Project Engineer on a construction project for the U.S. State Department, a $100m project. From there, he began a solar EPC which was acquired by Sigora in 2015, when he came on as the Head of Operations for Sigora. Drew prides himself on deep cultural understanding, in addition to engineering - and this has proven one of the key ingredients to bringing a high-tech solution to a challenging environment like Haiti.

Frank Bergh, VP Grid Engineering

Frank is an experienced electrical engineer with a background of diverse multicultural and interdisciplinary leadership in renewable energy projects in North and South America. He specializes in the interconnection and design of utility-scale wind and solar energy projects as well as renewable energy integration in developing nations. He is also an Instructor for Village Earth, teaching web-based courses on Appropriate Technology and Human Centered Design at both Colorado State and Duke University, and an active leader within Engineers Without Borders USA since 2005.

Tyler Welsh, Operations Deputy Director

Tyler grew up in Blacksburg, VA, and attended Virginia Tech where he received a degree in Civil Engineering in 2011.  After moving to Haiti shortly after graduating to work with Bridges to Prosperity, he spent the following four years building cable-suspended footbridges across Haiti's countryside. Tyler managed B2P’s Haiti program for four years before recently joining Sigora. As the newest member of the Sigora family, Tyler is excited to be joining forces with the Haiti team to provide clean and reliable energy to Haitian families and businesses.

Natasha Skreslet, Director - Impact & Communications

Natasha Skreslet  is a strategic communications specialist with a background in human rights and international development, and a penchant for adventure. She has spent the last five years in as many countries working in advocacy and public affairs for government agencies, United Nations organizations, and NGOs, helping them to raise their global profiles and strengthen their positioning among key stakeholders. Prior to joining Sigora, Natasha managed communications for a joint-UN programme to support the Government of Jordan to effectively address the impacts of the Syrian refugee crisis. Natasha holds a BA in International Development from McGill, and an MA in Human Rights from University College London.

Jean Pierre, Haiti Director of Field Operations

Jean Pierre is our Haitian crew chief and has performed over 100 installs between the US and Haiti. He has four years of experience in the solar industry and trained for 9 months doing installations in Virginia. JP is a hard-working professional fluent in Creole and English, and has trained dozens of Haitian crews in use of US-standard solar tools, methods, and jobsite practices. Prior to working with Sigora, JP helped to build and maintain the EarthSpark grid in Les Anglais, Haiti. JP will be managing field operations for the HHH installation.


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