Sigora Smart Meter

Sigora International’s smart meters are designed for bringing power to the most challenging places on the planet and can be configured to support any type of user class from residential to industrial.

Mobile-Enabled Pre-Pay

Our system enables customer to pay using a text message, mobile app, or web app and accepts all currencies.

Local Vendor Enabled

Our system allows local vendors to sell power, enabling your company to easily integrate into any community.

Active and Passive Anti-Theft

Sigora’s network can identify areas where theft is attempted and has an active encoding component that renders illegal connections useless.

Wi-Fi Distribution

Each power meter contains a Wi-Fi Access Point capable of meshing with a town network to expand Internet access.

Demand Control

Software-regulated wattage ceilings can be set by installation site, rate plan, and individual customer

Tiered Power On

Meters have timed delays for powering on to protect grid infrastructure following a power outage.

Secure RF Communications

All power and transactional data is transmitted on a separate RF-based mesh network to ensure security and dependability.

Customizable Configurations

Our meters support single phase, split phase, and tri-phase configurations.

Cloud Connected

Backup and control your grid and financial data from anywhere in the world.

How can Sigora support your project? Whether you're a microgrid operator or a central grid utility, we want to talk with you. Send us a message and we'll be in touch soon.

Build the grid of the future, today.

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