A new approach to micro-grid deployment in frontier markets

The Sigora micro-utility is wholly-owned by Sigora International and builds, owns and operates clean energy micro-grids in frontier markets.

Origin the Sigora Meter

The Sigora platform was conceived, developed, and fine-tuned in the remote North West of Haiti, where Sigora Haiti - a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sigora International - launched the country's first private utility.  

Field testing 365 days a year

With over 4,000 units deployed across three of its own micro-grids, Sigora benefits from constant feedback, enabling us to create a product optimally suited to frontier market conditions.

Proven financial viability

Sigora grids have been able to prove economic sustainability and commercial viability, leading to significant commercial investment to scale operations and expand the grid to service even more users.

Learn more about Sigora's proprietary smart meter and grid management technology.


Sigora Haiti connected its first customer, the Mole-St-Nicolas Public Clinic, in December 2015. In less than one year Sigora developed, engineered, financed, and built its first microgrid in the town of Mole-St-Nicolas. Today, the grid counts ~4,000 accounts and provides 20,000 people with 24/7 electricity, a rarity in the Western Hemisphere’s most impoverished nation.

As the neighboring communities hear of the developments in Môle, they have bombarded the Sigora staff with calls, letters, and visits to encourage them to expand the project. Or as they put it: “moun yo swaf kouran” – the people are thirsty for power!

Interested in our efforts to bring affordable, clean, and reliable power to Haiti? Visit the Sigora Haiti website to learn more.


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Sigora Haiti stands to tip the balance in expanding energy access by making micro-grids an investable proposition.

- Quentin Antoine, ElectriFI Investment Manager -