Sigora International deploys its microutility through a wholly-owned subsidiary. Like a traditional utility, Sigora sells energy directly to the end customer, but with some key differences.

Interconnected Microgrids & Collocated Generation

The Sigora microutility builds, owns and operates interconnected clean energy microgrids for community clusters of min. 5,000 people (~1000 accounts) per grid, creating a decentralized network and enabling the company to achieve economies of scale and thus operate sustainably. Colocating generation means we can scale installations to serve multiple clustered communities and enables cost savings compared to a single village microgrid model.

Smart-Grids & Smart-Meters

Sigora’s grid technology is designed to provide more than just power metering and production monitoring, it is an integrated micro-utility management system. The proprietary smart meter and cloud-based API software automate account management tasks, monitor the technical and financial performance of the grid, and provide real-time data analytics and meter control, enabling Sigora to troubleshoot and address problems before they become serious. The modular design of the system supplies a range of power to meet the dynamic energy needs of an energy emerging market.

Prepaid Energy - Mobile Enabled

Customers prepay for electricity, allowing them to make purchases in small installments that are in line with their energy needs and consumption patterns, while ensuring maximum revenue capture for the company. Sigora clients can purchase electricity through the local network of Sigora kWh vendors, online from outside the country, and directly via mobile money payments.

Learn more about Sigora's proprietary smart meter and grid management technology.

6-stage Deployment of a Sigora Microutility

  1. Development: Sigora performs the community assessment, negotiates and executes a legal contract with the community, and develops a generation, transmission and distribution power plan.


  1. Financing: Sigora raises sponsor equity and leverages structured project debt for entire community clusters of min. 5,000 people (~1000 customer accounts) per grid.


  1. Construction: Solar plants, wind turbines, transmission lines and customer installations are all carried out by the microutility to reduce costs, and control the quality and time-frame of installation.


  1. O&M: The Sigora Microutility provides 24/7 operation, scheduled maintenance, and on-call outage response carried out by skilled local technicians.


  1. Utility Services: Revenue is collected using Sigora’s prepaid software-regulated demand control metering technology. Payments can be made through local network of Sigora kWh vendors, online from outside the country, and directly via mobile money payments.


  1. Investor Return: The scaled deployment, exclusive service areas, reduction of connection costs and ability to collect maximum revenue for energy sold makes this a commercially viable business model and enables us to generate investor return, scale, and replicate.


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Sigora International deploys its microutility management system and technology through a wholly owned subsidiary with the goal of providing the population it serves with clean, reliable and fairly priced energy. Sigora Haiti is the first Sigora microutility company.


Sigora Haiti connected its first customer, the Mole-St-Nicolas Public Clinic, in December 2015. In less than one year Sigora developed, engineered, financed, and built its first microgrid in the town of Mole-St-Nicolas. Today, the grid counts ~1000 accounts and provides 5000 people with 24/7 electricity, a rarity in the Western Hemisphere’s most impoverished nation.


Sigora Haiti has ratified a 50-year exclusive concession to provide electricity for the cities of Mole St Nicholas, Mare Rouge and Cote De Fer. The same agreement has been ratified for a period of 25 years for the cities of Bombardopolis and Jean Rabel. Currently Sigora’s agreements cover a population of 200,000 people of which, due to density restriction Sigora will be able to connect 135,000 people (~27,000 accounts).


As the neighboring communities hear of the developments in Môle, they have bombarded the Sigora staff with calls, letters, and visits to encourage them to expand the project. Or as they put it: “moun yo swaf kouran” – the people are thirsty for power!


The company’s 10-year plan is to electrify two million people by 2025, creating 5,800 jobs in the process. Sigora Haiti is a legally incorporated for-profit socially conscious and environmentally responsible Haitian Corporation with offices in Mole-St-Nicolas and Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

Interested in our efforts to bring affordable, clean, and reliable power to Haiti? Visit the Sigora Haiti website to learn more.